Miami Pale Ale by Biscayne Bay Brewing in Florida, United States

About Miami Pale Ale by Biscayne Bay Brewing

Miami Pale Ale is a nod to the beautiful Biscayne Bay, the city that surrounds it, as well as the belief that our roots define the taste of what we brew. This classic American Pale Ale is the perfect all-around session beer and square one - where this style's discovery begins. Medium-bodied and smooth, it is also a great transitional beer in that it has enough hop bite to satisfy without being overpowering. A foundation of 2-row, crystal and specialty malts provides a well-balanced and subtle, almost pilsner-like maltiness accentuated by California Ale yeast and Pacific Northwest hops. The finish is dry and brisk with aromatic notes of grapefruit and a trace of moderate bitterness.


Biscayne Bay Brewing is a brewery located in Doral, FL. Check out Biscayne Bay Brewery's list of beers, contact info and more.