Mic Drop IPA by Breakside Brewery in Oregon, United States

About Mic Drop IPA by Breakside Brewery

This is a draft-only IPAs inspired by the dry, dank hoppy beers of Southern California. Originally designed for the 2015 Saraveza Double IPA Fest, Mic Drop is a tribute to some of the OG IPAs of the West Coast. It is bright golden in color, aggressive in hop flavor, and higher in alcohol than most "single" IPAs. Hop-wise this beer stays true to the San Diego-style and leans heavily on Simcoe and Amarillo to drive the flavor. They provide notes of grapefruit, candied orange, and strong pine. A dose of Centennial gives the beer some "old school" notes, and Breakside uses a heavy hit of Citra late in the boil and in the dry hop to kiss the beer with a bit of newfangled, tropical hop flavor.

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Breakside Brewery makes Mic Drop IPA American IPA