Milk Chocolate Stout by Moa Brewing Company in Marlborough, New Zealand
Moa Brewing Company

Milk Chocolate Stout

Marlborough, New Zealand
5.4% ABV

About Milk Chocolate Stout by Moa Brewing Company

Decadent, creamy, rich & chocolatey are just a few words to describe this beer. Marking Moa Brewing’s first ever collaboration with their mates at Lewis Road Creamery. With a passion for good dark beer and rich Belgian chocolate nibs and a dash of Heilala Vanilla, they have brewed a highly drinkable stout, for those who love beer, chocolate or all of the above.

Moa Beer is made the way beer used to be made before everyone started making it differently.

Moa Brewing Company makes Milk Chocolate Stout Milk / Sweet Stout