Mito Power by Tool Shed Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada

About Mito Power by Tool Shed Brewing Company

Brewed in collaboration with CRAFT Beer Market.

Evan Penny was a happy, healthy child who, at the age of four, suffered a tragic brain injury that left him a non-verbal quadriplegic as a result of mitochondrial disease (Mito). After Evan’s diagnosis, his parents Sarah and Blaine helped start the MitoCanada charity to raise awareness for the disease, provide support for families and fund research.

Mitochondria are the ‘batteries of our cells’ and are responsible for producing more than 90% of the energy we need to sustain life by converting the food we eat and oxygen we breathe into energy. For people who have Mito, it’s as though they have low battery power and affects the bodies most energy intensive systems.

The Mito POWER beer is brewed with natural energy ingredients of beet root, guava and apricot. Help MitoCanada energize the fight against Mito by learning more about the disease at

Hand crafted beer, best served with a story. We make uncompromising, unique ales in small batches.

Tool Shed Brewing Company makes Mito Power Fruit / Vegetable Beer