Modus Hoperandi IPA by SKA Brewing Company in Colorado, United States
SKA Brewing Company

Modus Hoperandi IPA

6.8% ABV • IBU 88 • SRM 18

About Modus Hoperandi IPA by SKA Brewing Company

It’s old-man bitter.

A mix of citrus and pine that will remind you of the time you went on a vision quest with your native American cousin and woke up in a pine-grove full of grapefruit trees.

An American-style India Pale Ale with a deep golden-orange color. Bitter and hoppy, with a surprisingly smooth finish.

Pairs well with strong, spicy foods such as curries/Thai food. Also works well with smoked or grilled meats, and for dessert, go for the sweet, like cheesecake or crème brulee.

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SKA Brewing Company makes Modus Hoperandi IPA American IPA