Moinette Brune by Brasserie Dupont in Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium
Brasserie Dupont

Moinette Brune

Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium
8.5% ABV

About Moinette Brune by Brasserie Dupont

La Moinette brune is a high fermentation beer, fermented in bottle. Created in 1986, this beer has become increasingly popular. Its unusual color, slightly dark brown even tending towards the red or the red fire, is the result of the mixing of a mixture of 4 special malts. At tasting, it is especially the aromas of special malts and fine hops that dominate. La Moinette brune is bitter and mellow at the same time, endowed with a light fruity. From the real bottle refermentation that can extend for many months in your cellar results in an amazing beer.

The Brasserie Dupont is an independent family company specialized in the manufacture of beers refermented in bottles.

Brasserie Dupont makes Moinette Brune Belgian Strong Dark Ale