Momma Rye IPA by Bridge Brew Works in West Virginia, United States

About Momma Rye IPA by Bridge Brew Works

Live life to the fullest. That’s what we picked up from our mom. She loved art, poetry, literature and simple pleasures. Momma Rye IPA’s spicy, citrusy notes trumpet her “live life out loud” philosophy. The hazy yellow ale, with its foamy off-white head, goes with whatever makes life sweet— desserts, summer cookouts, you name it. Plus, each bottle brims with hope, since proceeds benefit ovarian cancer research and awareness.

We’re glad you found us, we know, we aren’t exactly easy to find. To be honest we aren’t always sure ourselves where to find our beer. Why? We’re small. Very small, and we like it. You will too. Our goal is to bring quality craft beer to new areas in and around West Virginia.