Monk's Stout by Brasserie Dupont in Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium
Brasserie Dupont

Monk's Stout

Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium
5.2% ABV

About Monk's Stout by Brasserie Dupont

Monk's Stout Dupont is part of the history of Brasserie Dupont. Indeed, in the 1950s, it was produced. The goal is to revive this stout momentarily while preserving the name and the visual of the time. Created in 2011, this black beer is characterized by a dry and bitter taste. The use of roasted malts gives it a rather pronounced taste of coffee and chocolate. The aromas of hops remain however very perceptible. Beer with high fermentation, refermented in bottle.

The Brasserie Dupont is an independent family company specialized in the manufacture of beers refermented in bottles.

Brasserie Dupont makes Monk's Stout English Stout