Cervejaria Seasons


Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
8.4% ABV • IBU 72 • SRM 7

Tasting Notes: Yellow copper color, light and creamy foam, slightly hazy due to load hops, although not carry dry hopping; citrus aromas and spicy, remembering passion fruit, orange and honey, the latter from the use of two different varieties of honey. Light body is a dry beer, but high drinkability, despite the bitterness.

Pairs Well With: Red meats, savory dishes. Pro side of the desserts, truffles and dessert with ginger are great requested. If you are adventurous, IPAs tend to highlight the pepper in spicy dishes such as curry dishes of Indian cuisine and / or Thai, that is, to ignite it. Cheeses: gorgonzola, blue cheese, Parmesan cheese (money), pecorino.