Motorhead Black Barleywine by Sunriver Brewing Company in Oregon, United States
Sunriver Brewing Company

Motorhead Black Barleywine

10.2% ABV • IBU 85 • SRM 25

About Motorhead Black Barleywine by Sunriver Brewing Company

This loud, fast, raucous ale is not for the faint of heart. Motorhead is a hoppy American-style strong dark ale. Smooth alcohol notes, along with a rich malt backbone, warm the palate. Sizeable additions of kettle and dry hops provide a piney, fruity and resinous compliment to this high gravity brew.

The Sunriver Brewing Company originally began in The Village at Sunriver as a family-owned pub that served great food and brewed its own beer. Since its launch on July 4, 2012, demand for our beer has increased and we’ve continued to expand production to meet that demand.

Sunriver Brewing Company makes Motorhead Black Barleywine American Strong Ale