Multiweizen by Brassneck Brewery in British Columbia, Canada

About Multiweizen by Brassneck Brewery

A riff on the Hefeweizen style, Brassneck “Multiweizen” is made with 5 grains. Rye, Wheat, Barley, Oats & Corn.

We open ferment with a nice authentic hef yeast. The open fermentation allows the yeast to go bonkers, producing all kinds of fruity esters.

The combination of the fruitiness, gentle cinnamon & clove characteristics of the yeast with the natural sweetness & body of the malts, gives this beer a creamy mouth feel & unique complexity.

Not the most widely loved beer we produce, but one we are particularly fond & proud of.

Brassneck opened on October 2nd, 2013. We’re a little neighbourhood brewery with a Growler Shop & Tasting Room servicing the good people of Mount Pleasant & the surrounding area. We like to keep things simple. We just serve the beer we brew & the occasional sausage.

Brassneck Brewery makes Multiweizen Hefeweizen