Murmur by The Wild Beer Co. in Somerset - England, United Kingdom
The Wild Beer Co.


Somerset - England, United Kingdom
5% ABV • IBU 13

About Murmur by The Wild Beer Co.

Murmur is the epitome of what Wild Beer does, taking inspiration from food and drink around us, this beer is fermented with an ale and 2 different wine yeasts and utilises hops with vinous notes to produce a complex, balanced beer.

In the way a chef brings together the tastes on the plate, this beer has elements of sweet, dry, bitter and acidity. The result is a beer that’s as clean, crisp and drinkable as it is unique, complex, and wild! Wine yeasts? Yep, for a very good reason. Wild Beer took inspiration from winemakers who make use of mannoproteins released during autolysis of the yeast cells when in contact with the lees to produce a richer fuller mouthfeel. We have specifically used a white burgundy/chardonnay yeast, rather than, say, Champagne, because of the time it takes for them to autolyse and produce these mannoproteins. Murmur has been inspired by combining the vinous flavours of wine with a traditional Saison.

Discover our farmhouse brewery set in the rolling Somerset hills. Born out of a love of fermentation, Barrel-Ageing, and most importantly Flavour!