Myles X Saison
Independent Fermentations

Myles X Saison

Massachusetts, United States
7% ABV • IBU 30 • SRM 10

Myles X Saison uses the same grain bill as our "normal" saison but is fermented using the yeast from the skins of local blueberries.  There are no blueberries or blueberry flavorings in the beer, just their yeast!  IndieFerm picks blueberries from deep in the forest where almost no one ever goes, they put a few in a flask of unfermented beer, and let the yeast eat the sugars in the beer and reproduce.  After a while there is a nice layer of yeast in the bottom of the flask and we grow the culture large enough to ferment an entire batch. They aren't microbiologists so they have no idea what type of yeast it is, but it makes a nice beer unlike any other.   It is a little different each year, the 2015 bottled version developed a pleasant tartness that resembles white wine.  

It is kind of comforting to know that if you ever find yourself as the last person on earth, you will still be able to make tasty fermented beverages using wild yeast, you don't need commercially prepared brewers yeast.  The barley and wheat malts are almost entirely Massachusetts made. They usually thow some home-grown hops in as well.  ABV is about 7%, IBUs are about 30, and the color is golden.