Nana Stout by Chikilla Craft Beer in Baja California, Mexico
Chikilla Craft Beer

Nana Stout

Baja California, Mexico
5.1% ABV • IBU 22

About Nana Stout by Chikilla Craft Beer

Una stout llena de sabores familiares, vainilla, canela y chocolate, nos deja el paladar ese sabor inconfundible del chocolate cremoso de la abuela.

A stout full of familiar flavors: vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate. It leaves the palate with that unmistakable taste of grandma's creamy chocolate.

Chikilla Craft Beer [Chee-kee-yah] is an independent Mexican-American microbrewery company founded in 2014 by Alfonso Estrada and Mayté Murrillo.