Nanaimo Bar Imperial Porter
Vancouver Island Brewery

Nanaimo Bar Imperial Porter

British Columbia, Canada
82% ABV • IBU 32 • SRM 32

This dessert-style Imperial Porter combines the many layers of the classic Nanaimo bar. Starting with chocolate on top, vanilla in the middle, and finally a base note of coconut with a decadent sweetness throughout. A venerable bake sale treat in a can. The beer pours black and opaque with a dense tan head with moderate retention. It has a strong chocolate and malt sugar flavour upfront, that is quickly followed by moderate vanilla and coconut. Nanaimo Bar Imperial Porter has a moderately-low bitterness that aligns with moderate roast malt and provides a roast malt balance. Flavours of med-low vanilla and bittersweet chocolate linger. Other ingredients include maltodextrin, graham crumbs, cacao nibs, coconut, and vanilla.

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You Need To Try This New Nanaimo Bar Flavoured Beer

Combining your favourite treats and beer is always a good idea. Vancouver Island Brewing’s newest good idea is a beer inspired by a Canadian favourite pastry – the Nanaimo Bar. An idea so good, we kind of wish we thought of it first.