Narragansett Light by Narragansett Brewing Company in Rhode Island, United States

About Narragansett Light by Narragansett Brewing Company

An instant classic that truly delivers on both flavour and refreshment. This lighter version of the original lager is brewed with six-row malt, a secret blend of Pacific Northwest hops, and corn from Iowa. Quenching and light, it's got the same alcohol content and calorie count as a typical domestic light beer, but does it without compromising award winning 'Gansett flavour.

Narragansett has always been for New Englanders. That's why in these especially troubling times, we want to build a brand new brewery in the heart of New England. The brewery would provide a slew of new jobs and help stimulate the local economy.And to do that, we need you! So Drink your part! You buy a case, we build a brewery.

Narragansett Brewing Company makes Narragansett Light Light Lager