Never Give an Inch by Cider Riot! in Oregon, United States

About Never Give an Inch by Cider Riot!

A testament to determination, hard work, and downright cussedness, Never Give an Inch celebrates the spirit of Oregon. Invasive Himalaya blackberries run riot across the fencelines and fields all across western Oregon. Fire, chemical poisons, machetes, bulldozers, even goats can only beat back their inevitable advance, as they attempt to take over every square inch of cleared land. Luckily their fruits are delicious, juicy, and plentiful, spawning the phrase “as Cascadian as blackberry pie.” In Never Give an Inch, Oregon blackberries and blackcurrants combine with Hood River and Yakima-grown apples create a tart dry cider with a fruity aroma.

Made by Cider Riot!

An urban cidery dedicated to the production of flavorful refreshing dry ciders.

Cider Riot! makes Never Give an Inch Fruit / Vegetable Beer