New England-Style Pale Ale (NEIPA)
Blindman Brewing

New England-Style Pale Ale (NEIPA)

Alberta, Canada
5.5% ABV • IBU 35 • SRM 6

New England-Style beers are American Pale Ales and IPAs that are most often described as hazy and juicy. The haze is due to the higher protein malts that are used as well as yeasts-like our English house yeast-that do not flocculate as well as the standard American Ale yeasts. This leaves particulates in the beer that give it the noted hazy appearance.

Since we believe that filtration removes too much flavour the haze sticks around. This, combined with a light whirlpool hopping and a robust double dry-hop, results in a big tropical fruity/citrusy aroma and taste; hence juicy.

It may look a bit like a milkshake and taste a bit like juice-but that's the whole point!