New Moon Mandarin
Reverend Nat's Hard Cider

New Moon Mandarin

Oregon, United States
7.2% ABV

On an overland to the Tien Shan mountains in Northwest China, Reverend Nat's owner checked into in a hostel in a village along the Xingzi River. Having lost their diary a week before during a sudden retreat from a bar, they was unaware of the impending New Year’s celebration. Never one to miss a party, they proceeded to nocturnal wandering and firecracker watching, passing decorated doorways draped in red. They became hopelessly lost as the invisible New Moon rose in the small hours, but awoke at Dawn on a snug park bench to find that a reveler had left, atop they satchel at they head, a red envelope containing six gold coins and one radiant Mandarin orange. Upon their return to America they set about working with this orange, ever fickle and not one upon which many fermentative discoveries have been published. Eventually they determined that a combination of juice and zest, with a hint of chamomile flower, create a flavor so unusual that it had to be shared.