New Style Pacific NW Pilsner by Russell Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada
Russell Brewing Company

New Style Pacific NW Pilsner

6.5% ABV • IBU 40

About New Style Pacific NW Pilsner by Russell Brewing Company

The Doan’s Craft Brewery and Russell Brewing teams have paired up to bring out a beer that they are dubbing as a Northwest Style Pilsner. By more conventional standards we could call this an Imperial Pilsner that is heavy on the hops. From the bomber bottle this collaboration brew pours as a golden colour with two full fingers of loosely packed head. An aroma of citrus tones, grass and light pine comes from the beer like a pilsner that is turned up a few notches. There is some tradition in there but it is definitely well hopped and big bodied for a pilsner. Sipping the beer it has a smooth body and a very fresh citrus flavour. This beer is an odd but delicious combination of Pilsner character with a hit of something much bigger. The hops add a nice flavour punch and a kick of bitterness but don’t take over. The higher alcohol gives a bigger body and mouthfeel but doesn’t push it over the edge. Russell and Doan’s have done a great job of balancing excess and reasonably. The result is a delicious and refreshing, big-flavoured pilsner.

100% Natural Craft Brewed. No Preservatives. No Pasteurization.

Russell Brewing Company makes New Style Pacific NW Pilsner American Pale Lager