Night Märzen by Beau's in Ontario, Canada

Night Märzen

5.5% ABV • IBU 30

About Night Märzen by Beau's

Night Märzen is Beau’s fall seasonal amber lager.  A mild toasted malt sweetness is kept perfectly in check by European hops and a snappy finish. This any-occasion lager is great with food, especially anything roasted or grilled.

Beau’s has been brewing its classic Märzen recipe every fall for more than a decade. Märzen is a traditional German lager style that takes its name from the month of March when it was historically brewed. The beer would then be lagered in cellars through the summer, and then released in the fall.

Märzen pours a clear copper-amber with a white foam. It has warm bread aromas, a biscuity malt flavour, and a firm hop presence that lends balancing bitterness. An ultra-clean lager finish completes the package in this highly drinkable beer.

Made by Beau's

Located in the village of Vankleek Hill, Beau’s is a world-class locally brewed beer. For us, being local means being an active part of the community. We support more than 100 independent arts and music, community-building and charitable organizations every year. We believe that craft beer tastes better when you feel good about drinking it.

Beau's makes Night Märzen Märzen / Oktoberfest