NightPils by Lagunitas Brewing Company in California, United States

About NightPils by Lagunitas Brewing Company

Lagunitas' NightPils looks like a stout, but drinks like a lager.

If you've ever visited one of our TapRooms (and please do if you haven't!) you may have sampled a rare, unique, maybe even crooked and strange one-off brew that our brewers whipped up on a whimsy. These HomeGrown releases rarely make it beyond the gates of the Beer Sanctuary, but occasionally we see a beer that starts a conversation and moves the needle a bit. So we brew it again and see how it goes, and we put it into the world to see if it starts conversations and moves the needle out in your 'hood. This is one of those beers. Let us know what you think!

NightPils is an amped-up Imperialized Dark Lager that's black like the Winter night sky. The dark malt backbone brings notes of chocolate and dark fruits while the lager yeast provides a clean, silky finish. Like a cold chocolate milkshake at a Drive-In Double-Feature!

Brewed in a bizarre old world tradition using only water, hops, yeast, and malted barley. No dogs are harmed in our brewing process. We sell our beers locally and across the states.

Lagunitas Brewing Company makes NightPils Schwarzbier