Nine Tales Amber Ale by James Squire in New South Wales, Australia
James Squire

Nine Tales Amber Ale

New South Wales, Australia
5% ABV • IBU 20 • SRM 15

About Nine Tales Amber Ale by James Squire

Every man’s life tells a story, but James Squire’s would have filled a library. From chicken thief and convict, he later found success as the Governor’s bodyguard, a publican, baker, butcher, money-lender and, ironically, local constable. But the greatest chapter was brewing…which worked out nicely for the rest of us!

The original – and some would say still the best – James Squire craft beer, the Amber Ale is deservedly on its way to becoming an Aussie institution. This full-bodied, malt-driven beer is characterised by its rich copper colour, toffee-caramel sweetness and nutty finish balanced against citrus hop notes.

If you need a reference point before trying it for the first time, think Newcastle Brown Ale. The deft blend of pale and crystal malts were truly trail-blazing when Nine Tales was first launched 15 years ago, but while many other craft beers are now treading the same malt-driven path, ‘the original’ retains its pre-eminence.

Best enjoyed with richer meat dishes like a rack of lamb, lamb shanks, gourmet meat pies or a mouth-watering medium-rare steak (with a Port Salut or similarly lightly tangy cheese for good measure), the Nine Tales is guaranteed to get people talking over dinner. Whether they’ll have nine stories to match James Squire’s remains to be seen, but at least that gives you a reason to keep sharing Nine Tales with your mates until you get there…

Made by James Squire

As the man who first successfully cultivated hops in Australia way back in the early 19th century, James Squire has achieved legendary status. Chuck Hahn is a man after James Squire’s heart, a passionate brewer who has made a significant impact on the beer-drinking landscape.

James Squire makes Nine Tales Amber Ale American Amber / Red Ale