Nit Wit by Garrison Brewing Company in Nova Scotia, Canada

About Nit Wit by Garrison Brewing Company

Originally brewed with "2010 Home Brew-off" winner Scott Tilford, this Belgian Wit is hazy, fruity, spicy & ridiculously refreshing. Yum!

Glows a warm, hazy golden. Complex fruit (orange and tropical fruits) and spicy aroma. Medium body with pleasant sweetness, a zesty-lemony fruitiness and herbal-spice finish. A refreshing, elegant and crisp Belgian-inspired wheat ale.

One of the most versatile beer styles with most foods from fish to hot and spicy dishes. Perfect pairing for brunch, salads (with vinaigrettes) and virtually all types of cheeses.

Real Beer, East Coast Brewed!

Garrison Brewing Company makes Nit Wit Witbier