No Fun Zone Blonde Stout
Twin Sails Brewing

No Fun Zone Blonde Stout

British Columbia, Canada
7% ABV • IBU 16 • SRM 10

A Blonde Stout?! How is that even possible? Well Twin Sails has made it possible with this cool limited release beer. It is both a blonde and a stout which is pretty incredible and unusual, but sounds absolutely fantastic. Coming in with an ABV of 7%, this beer will definitely be a fan favourite and with flavor profiles like coffee, chocolate, coconut and vanilla, this just takes the cake.  

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REVIEW: Twin Sails Brewing – No Fun Zone Blonde Stout

  I was lucky to get a few beers that you can not find in Alberta. Twin Sails out of Port Moody, BC being one of them. Let’s see…if they live up to their excellent reputation. First up is the No Fun Zone, a Blonde Stout with coffee, coconut, chocolate and vanilla.