Noble Pilsner by Stanley Park Brewing in British Columbia, Canada
Stanley Park Brewing

Noble Pilsner

5.1% ABV • IBU 12

About Noble Pilsner by Stanley Park Brewing

Stanley Park Noble Pilsner is named for the careful blend of the noble hop varieties Hallertau-Mittelfrueh and Perle, which result in delicate and refined aroma and flavour. The use of these hops, 100% malt, a unique strain of yeast and carefully hand ground natural Belgian ingredients results in a European style lager that has a delicate Pilsner aroma and delivers a soft, crisp taste and, refreshing finish. Pair this unique brew with BBQ meats, rich seafood dishes, spicy Vietnamese or Thai.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Stanley Park Brewing's legacy dates back to 1897. Check out Stanley Park Brewing's list of craft beers, contact info, and more.

Stanley Park Brewing makes Noble Pilsner Euro Pale Lager

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