Noche Buena by Heineken in North Holland, Netherlands

Noche Buena

North Holland, Netherlands
5.9% ABV

About Noche Buena by Heineken

Noche Buena was born thanks to the German beer brewers, founders of the brewery in Orizaba, Veracruz, who began to make it in small quantities for their own consumption during nostalgic get-togethers: later as a gift for managers and friends called "reserve of the house." It was so successful that it began to be marketed as a seasonal winter beer; it was then when it received the name of Noche Buena.

Noche Buena was the first Bock-type beer made in Mexico (originally from Einbeck, Germany, in the 14th century). It is a dark beer with a robust body, suitable for consumption during the winter season. Noche Buena is available from October to December. 

Made by Heineken

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Heineken makes Noche Buena Bock