Nordic Blonde by Bent Brewstillery in Minnesota, United States

About Nordic Blonde by Bent Brewstillery

This is a clean, crisp, delicately balanced beer with subdued sweetness and a pleasantly refreshing tang in the finish. Because of the low hop bitterness and dry, light body, this beer is easily mistaken for a lager or light beer. These qualities make it a great anytime beverage. This beer is brewed using our local pure water without any additives.

This beer was Bent Brewstillery's very first recipe. It was their introduction into craft beer. Bent Brewstillery brewed what they wanted to drink, and this quickly became a favorite among their friends and family who weren’t ready for the more brutal styles on the Bent Brewstillery beer menu. Bent Brewstillery makes this beer their own by using richer Munich malts to give it a more complex and deeper flavor. This beer is best when fresh.

Proudly made in Roseville Minnesota!

Bent Brewstillery makes Nordic Blonde American Blonde Ale