Norman Yoke Barrel Aged Stock Ale by Wild Ambition Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Norman Yoke Barrel Aged Stock Ale by Wild Ambition Brewing

Norman Yoke is the second release from Wild Ambition's growing barrel program. Brewed all the way back in July, this English inspired stock ale had five months in french oak wine barrels before a light dry hop and bottle conditioning. With the oak and the English specialty malts, this beer has great body and a deep copper colour with ruby highlights. The long and slow secondary fermentation in barrels allowed for some fantastic flavour development from the strain of brettanomyces selected for this beer. This strain is known for its distinct ‘cherry-pie’ ester profile and we think it complements this dark and malty beer beautifully.

History nerds (or early modern poetry nerds) may recognize the name “Norman Yoke” as a term that stemmed from the English Revolution of the 1600s. At this time, all of the injustices of medieval feudalism were pinned on the shoulders of William the Conqueror. “Norman Yoke” was used as a metaphor for a perceived loss of English rights and liberties attributed to the Norman conquest. Given that this recipe is based on a historical English beer (from the late 1800s) that we aged (or trapped) in French oak for an extended period, it seemed like an appropriate moniker.

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