Oak-Aged Sour by Propolis Brewing in Washington, United States

About Oak-Aged Sour by Propolis Brewing

Bourbon barrel aged saison brettanomyces

Tasting Notes: “Warming citrus nose, aromas of damp oak, lemon rind and wet hay. Golden straw hue with tastes of bright citrus fruit, tangerine, apricot, melon and honey. Crisp, creamy and earthy with moderate tartness and acidity, finishing with a smooth rustic dry linger.”
Cellar Notes: Ale brewed with Propolis Microbes & Wild Yeast and Micro-Organisms, age +4 yrs
Food Pairings: Roasted Chicken, BBQ ribs, robust stews, game, sweet potatoes fries, butternut squash soap, aged gouda, trout, halibut

Seasonal Herbal Farmhouse Ales. Inspired by old world tradition, handcrafted with new world ingenuity. Organic, Local & Wildcrafted.

Propolis Brewing makes Oak-Aged Sour American Wild / Sour Ale