Ocean Pacific by Eighty-Eight Brewing Co. in Alberta, Canada

About Ocean Pacific by Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

As promised, Eighty-Eight's summer of sours continues! This time they went tropical, cramming an obscene amount of passionfruit and mango into an already great Berliner style base. “Ocean Pacific” might be juicier than anything they have done yet and it is literally so bright it glows!! It’s also nice and light (3.6%) making it their current go to on the way up and coming down.

’88 was a pretty damn good year. Hair was big, tunes had attitude and a small city was finding its place on the world stage. ’88 Brewing Company makes beers in the same spirit of excitement for what’s next. Always big flavors, sometimes a little weird, best enjoyed together.

Eighty-Eight Brewing Co. makes Ocean Pacific Berliner Weissbier