O’Hara’s Winter Star by Carlow Brewing Company in Leinster, Ireland
Carlow Brewing Company

O’Hara’s Winter Star

Leinster, Ireland
5% ABV • IBU 30

About O’Hara’s Winter Star by Carlow Brewing Company

In the 2016 edition, rye has stepped in as the defining malt character. The rye gives a natural breadiness and spiciness to the beer. These characteristics of rye superbly complement the cinammon and orange zest that were added during the conditioning of the beer. O’Hara’s Winter Star brings a refreshing and unique touch to the winter beer style.

O’Hara’s Brewery/Carlow Brewing Company is an independent Irish family owned brewery located in the heart of Ireland's historical malt-growing “Barrow Valley” region.

Carlow Brewing Company makes O’Hara’s Winter Star Rye Beer