Oktoberfest by Gladstone Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About Oktoberfest by Gladstone Brewing Company

Oktoberfest beer was traditionally brewed in Bavaria in spring and cellared (aged) in mountain caves until fall.The Oktoberfest recipe is very complex and requires specific ingredients and consistent temperatures. The caves facilitated the long, cool fermentation process required by the lager yeast and specific mix of malts that make Oktoberfest unique.

The Oktoberfest is a dark copperthat sits heavily in the glass. A bevy of strong malt aromas of toasted bread and caramelcarry through easily from the nose to the tongue by way of the five malt varieties. The creamy, relatively heavy body of the Gladstone Oktoberfest is complimented by the clean, dry finish provided by the Lager yeast,allowing it to remain refreshing despite the strong malt character. Faithful to the original, do not expect a Hels-sish experience from the Gladstone Oktoberfest, very little has changed.

A small craft brewery on Vancouver Island making West Coast and Belgian inspired beers. Tasting lounge open 11am 'till late, seven days a week.

Gladstone Brewing Company makes Oktoberfest Märzen / Oktoberfest