Oktoberfest by Brasserie Vrooden in Québec, Canada

About Oktoberfest by Brasserie Vrooden

Obligatory step between the dark beers, which have made the reputation of Munich’s brewers and the pale lagers, final evolution of the German brewing knowledge, the Oktoberfest is the central link of evolution. The work of Anton Dreher and Gabriel Sedlmayr on the science and technologies of brewing in the 1860s enabled its development. The first Oktoberfest beers were the leftover of the last spring brewed beer (beer of March or Märzen) kept in cold cellars during the summer months. They were consumed during the return of cold weather waiting for the first fall’s beer to be brewed. In fact, the origins of the modern festival in October are directly related to the celebrations of the introduction of this seasonal beer style.

We brew genuine German beers, by the methods and ingredients used, without compromising on taste and quality!

Brasserie Vrooden makes Oktoberfest Märzen / Oktoberfest