Old Fahrt Altbier by Brauerei Fahr in Alberta, Canada

About Old Fahrt Altbier by Brauerei Fahr

This medium-bodied altbier boasts hints of plum and stonefruit. With its moderate hoppiness, grainy aroma and balanced flavours Old Fahrt holds its own and pairs well with steaks and general pub food. Altbier: “Alt” means “old,” harkening back to the old style of brewing. Altbier is an ale, as were virtually all beers of Europe before lagers were invented in Bavaria in the 16th century AD. Altbier is now identified with the Rhineland, especially its capital city of Düsseldorf, barely 50 miles from where the borders of Germany, Holland and Belgium meet. Altbier is copper-colored, cool-fermented, cold-conditioned, clean tasting, with an aromatic hop presence, a firm creamy head, a medium body and a dry finish.

Made by Brauerei Fahr

Traditional German beers strictly brewed in Alberta

Brauerei Fahr makes Old Fahrt Altbier Altbier