Opposable IPA by Historic Brewing Company in Arizona, United States

About Opposable IPA by Historic Brewing Company

Many moons ago when the earth was young, billions of years before the first humans could hold a pint, there roamed an angry badass we now know as the T-Rex. Angry you ask? Yes, well, if your arms were too short for cuddling, you’d be pretty pissed as well. We all like that shit. While Rexy existed long before the first brew was ever crafted, we like to think he would have been a fan of the classic American IPA. So, in tribute to this angry dude who never got enough love, Historic Brewing introduces to you the Opposable IPA. They aren’t reinventing the IPA wheel with this beer, but they are picking a classic style and rolling out really freakin’ well. No seriously, this beer kicks some IPA ass. This hop forward, aromatic ale presents notes of grassy, piney, citrusy goodness.

Makers of Awesomeness in Flagstaff, AZ

Historic Brewing Company makes Opposable IPA American IPA