Origen 1905 by Cervezas Origen in Almería, Spain
Cervezas Origen

Origen 1905

Almería, Spain
5.5% ABV • IBU 20

About Origen 1905 by Cervezas Origen

Ale-style beer, made strictly following the Purity Law of 1516.

Full-bodied, its great malt flavor stands out, with balanced lupulization that gives rise to a refreshing and at the same time light beer.

The cereal flavors with notes of roasting in the mouth, encourage their own flavor to authentic craft beer.

Malty aroma with a slight fruity and pleasant tone.

Optimal consumption, where the textures and flavors of beer emerge, are above 8 degrees, although given the nature of beer, it can be consumed below 4 degrees.

Very versatile combination with any type of cuisine.

Made by Cervezas Origen

Beer is culture, history, art and passion, beer is Origen 1905, a craft beer made in Almería by Grupo Indalo. A pure, full-bodied and authentic beer, like our land.