Orion Draft Beer by Orion Breweries, Ltd. in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
Orion Breweries, Ltd.

Orion Draft Beer

Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
5% ABV

About Orion Draft Beer by Orion Breweries, Ltd.

With an even more refreshing taste, a new draft beer was born in the summer of 2015, the same year draft beer celebrated its 55th birthday. The backdrop to the primary color designs, a tradition in draft beer, is a cool, crisp color of champagne gold. The three stars and our logo proudly stand out, and the champagne gold color expresses the fine quality and refreshing sense of beer. The design incorporates the “red sun”, “blue skies”, and “navy blue seas” of Okinawa in the color scheme.

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Orion Breweries, Ltd. makes Orion Draft Beer Japanese Rice Lager