O-toberfest by O'so Brewing Company in Wisconsin, United States

About O-toberfest by O'so Brewing Company

Get out your lederhosen and grab your favorite stein, it’s O-toberfest time! O'so's take on the classic German Märzen lager is copper-red in color with insistent foam lacing. The aroma of toasty caramel and rich malt is indicative of the O’so malty flavors to come. Initially sweet on the tongue with caramel bready vienna malted goodness, toasty dry biscuit and rich munich malt follow to a finish that is moderately dry on the palate with seemingly ever-present rich malt flavor lingering on the tongue. Prost!

Available August to October

Often Wacky, Sometimes Offensive, Seldom Constrained, Always Unique!

O'so Brewing Company makes O-toberfest Märzen / Oktoberfest