Our Mango Beer by Zerodegrees in London - England, United Kingdom

Our Mango Beer

London - England, United Kingdom
4.1% ABV

About Our Mango Beer by Zerodegrees

How to make a clean, golden ale sing even sweeter? Add mango! The sweet mango pulp results in a naturally hazy easy-drinker that bursts with a taste that’s totally tropical. One of Zerodegrees' biggest sellers! It started off as a Speciality beer on tap for a limited time, but it was asked for so many times it became a permanent core beer since 2004.

Key Notes: Light - Sweet – Fruity

Hmm, beer made with mango, what could it possibly taste like? Here’s a thing though – the fruitiness makes this one go down very well with cider fans. Yet it isn’t too sweet that you couldn’t drink more than one.

Try something spicy with this beer - it helps balance spice, complementing chili dishes.

Made by Zerodegrees

Zerodegrees is an outstanding bar, restaurant & microbrewery with venues in Blackheath, Bristol, Reading and Cardiff. Serving only the best food and beer!