Ožujsko by Molson Coors in Colorado, United States

About Ožujsko by Molson Coors

With more than 120 years of bridal tradition, Ožujsko beer is one of the oldest brands with uninterrupted continuity of production in Croatia. It was first produced in 1892. It is made exclusively from natural raw materials: barley, yeast, hops and water. Ožujsko has a golden color, is refreshing and is slightly bitter. It is best served at 5 ° C with rich and compact foam. It has won numerous gold medals and awards for its quality, which only confirms its excellence. The alcohol content amounts to 5.0%.The beer is named after the month of March (Croatian: Ožujsko). This month the best beer was brewed, today it can be produced with the help of modern technologies at any time of the year.

Made by Molson Coors

Beer is our passion, our heritage and our future.

Molson Coors makes Ožujsko Euro Pale Lager