Cervejaria Seasons


Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
5.6% ABV • IBU 41 • SRM 8

The Pacific is our reading of the classic style American Pale Ale, but with that "bang" that only Cervejaria Seasons can do. The term extra pale ale designates a beer that is between APA and IPA, or as aromatic and marked as an IPA, but slightly more bitter than a traditional APA and the drinkability that only one APA can have. Literally the best of both worlds.

Light and dry, the Pacific exudes citrus scents like lemon and grapefruit plus a mix of tropical fruits such as passion fruit, papaya and pineapple, coming from the varieties of Australian hops used in the composition of revenue. The taste is balanced, bitter enough to leave you asking for one second sip. The body is dry and drinkability is a Tsunami so frighteningly easy to drink.