Pacific Free by Pacific Western Brewing Co. in British Columbia, Canada

About Pacific Free by Pacific Western Brewing Co.

Pacific Western Brewing is proud to announce the release of the first batch of Pacific Free, “a gluten removed” lager for a discerning, health conscious generation of beer lovers.

Like other gluten free beers on the market, Pacific Free may still contain extremely small amounts of gluten. So, to satisfy consumers that our process meets recognized industry standards for gluten removal, each batch of Pacific Free Lager will be tested by an independent lab.  The beer will be released for packaging only if gluten levels measure less than 20 parts per million.


Tasting notes:

The addition of a brewing enzyme allows PWB’s brewmaster to remain true to the original Czech brewing style, producing a crisp, clean, golden lager that has a good malt character but is accented toward the hop with its aroma and dry finish.

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Pacific Western Brewing Co. makes Pacific Free American Pale Lager