Panzerfahrer Hopfenweisse by Elite Brewing & Cidery in Alberta, Canada
Elite Brewing & Cidery

Panzerfahrer Hopfenweisse

6.1% ABV • IBU 35

About Panzerfahrer Hopfenweisse by Elite Brewing & Cidery

Expect this Hopfenweisse to be complex due to a long mash, notes of banana, clove, mild hop fruitiness, bitterness and a crazy haze! Named after German Tank drivers. Panzer crews were very well trained. Perhaps the best trained of any nation at the time.In many ways, years ahead of anyone else. However, they were unable to produce them in ample numbers. One key reason what just how precise and delicate some of the equipment was. Their operations were outstanding, from command structure and communications on down to individual crew members.

Craft. Glory & Country. Calgary’s Military History Themed Brewery.

Elite Brewing & Cidery makes Panzerfahrer Hopfenweisse Hefeweizen