Paradise Rd Pilsner by Figueroa Mountain Brewing in California, United States

About Paradise Rd Pilsner by Figueroa Mountain Brewing

The epitome of simplicity and delicacy, this golden pilsner is brewed with European lager yeast and a German noble hops. Paradise Rd Pilsner derives all of its character from the very delicate balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness, and the procedural perfection exacted in creating it. Medium-bodied and malt-forward, the flavor of this beer is reminiscent of honeysuckle and fields of grain with a soft background of hop aroma.

Discover the tasty brews and mountain views of Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company, celebrating the beautiful landscape and rich culture of central California.

Figueroa Mountain Brewing makes Paradise Rd Pilsner Czech Pilsner