A Passion for Fashion by Polly's Brew Co. in Flintshire - Wales, United Kingdom
Polly's Brew Co.

A Passion for Fashion

Limited Release
Flintshire - Wales, United Kingdom
4.5% ABV

About A Passion for Fashion by Polly's Brew Co.

It’s back! After two long years, the cult classic has made a reappearance! A Passion for Fashion made waves when Polly's first brewed it back in 2019; with it being a 100% Lally at the wheel zinger. Their Scottish magician is a lover of all things face-scrunchingly sour, and they’ve let him completely off the leash again with this, one of their most talked about and yearned for beers of their entire four years as an active brewery. A mouth puckeringly sour gose packed to the nines with 115kg of fresh limes, a kilo of Anglesey sea salt, and just a sprinkling of lime zest to boot. Named for an in-joke in the brewery about our complete lack of fashion sense, the result is a super dry, juicy and zesty gose, not at all for the faint of heart. Welcome back, Pash!

Polly's Brew Co. is a small independent brewery whose focus is brewing super modern, fresh hoppy beers on Polly's old farm in Mold, North Wales.