Peach Cream Ale by Tin Whistle Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About Peach Cream Ale by Tin Whistle Brewing Company

Another Okanagan fruit inspired beer comes from the Tin Whistle Brewing Company in the form of a Peach Cream Ale. This Penticton brewed beer uses local fruit giving a taste of the South Okanagan in a BC brew. The beer pours from the bottle a light, golden colour with a thin finger of head which settles quickly and without a trace. This Peach-infused beer smells sweet with strong peach tones in a nearly cider-like manner. Malt notes make up the base with little to no signs of hops in the nose. The flavour kicks off with a sweet, peach jam like flavour which mellows slowly. As the sweetness subsides Peach notes remain and allow for apricot flavours and a smooth malt to emerge. This beer is big on fruit and rather sweet – if that is your thing then give this summer brew a try!

The Tin Whistle is a small micro brewery located in Penticton, BC. We brew beers that we like, and we hope that you'll like them too. We have five beers that we produce year round, and at any given time we may have an additional one or two seasonals. Our beers are available throughout BC and Alberta, on tap and in 650ml bottles. If they don't have us, ask for us!

Tin Whistle Brewing Company makes Peach Cream Ale Cream Ale