Pear by FoxCraft Hard Cider Company in California, United States

About Pear by FoxCraft Hard Cider Company

FoxCraft has blended rich cider history with our Sonoma County signature to create a stand-out cider you won’t forget.  Our Pear Hard Cider imparts a dazzling combination of five apples finished with a premium blend of pears to create a crisp, fresh and fruit-driven cider with a soft mouth feel that tastes as fun and refreshing from the first sip to the elegantly clean finish. Triple medal winner including “Best Specialty Cider”.

FoxCraft is an award winning, ultra-premium hard cider crafted to deliver a New-World quality taste that is equally refreshing and memorable. It’s the cider that’s shaking up the tradition and inspiring a new category.

FoxCraft Hard Cider Company makes Pear Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Awards & Achievements for this Fruit / Vegetable Beer