Peckham Pils by Brick Brewery in London - England, United Kingdom
Brick Brewery

Peckham Pils

London - England, United Kingdom
4.8% ABV

About Peckham Pils by Brick Brewery

Forming part of Brick Brewery's Foundation Range, this pilsner lager takes patience. To get it just right they lager the beer for up to 4 additional weeks. The result is a crisp, clean and refreshing beer.

Made by Brick Brewery

It all started in a shed, no joke! Ian, started home brewing in his garden shed, building recipes inspired by his loved beers. We loved it, our mates loved it, the shed was bursting at the seams, it was time to move to bigger premises. In 2013 Brick was born, and we started building a brewery in a railway arch behind Peckham Rye station, SE London.