People Skills by Tool Shed Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada

About People Skills by Tool Shed Brewing Company

This cream ale is influenced by a man who hates birthdays; so much in fact, that he nearly caused an international incident over a birthday cake! Tool Shed's friend Joe taught them that not everyone is born with People Skills so thankfully it now comes in a can. Everybody knows someone who could use a pint of people skills now and then; now you can buy them one. This session-able cream ale is light, refreshing and unlike Joe, tries to get along with everybody. This smooth, lightly hopped ale offers a beautiful mouth-feel and a golden, crystal clear appearance. It’s a real, refreshing crowd pleaser. Patio-goers unite! It’s time to hit your favorite patio and get to work on your People Skills!

Hand crafted beer, best served with a story. We make uncompromising, unique ales in small batches.

Tool Shed Brewing Company makes People Skills Cream Ale

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